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Brazil Cruise: 13-nights in December 2012.

Rio Panorama
Rio De Janeiro
By Denise Mayumi (Flickr Creative Commons)

Unpack once and enjoy the adventure that is Brazil. The first stop is Belem, Brazil. Belém is a city on the banks of the Amazon estuary, the entrance gate to the Amazon with a busy port, airport and bus/coach station. Natal is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state in Brazil. It is the capital of Brazil closest to Europe and Africa. The city is one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, for which Brazil is the host nation. The next dock to board is in Recife, Brazil
The southern end of the city is home to Boa Viagem, a beautiful beachside distric with warm natural rock pools. Enjoy the old quarters of the city that house the oldest synagogue in the New World. Salvador De Bahia is the oldest and most historic city in Brazil, which possesses one of the largest collections of colonial architecture in Latin America. Here you will find a large amount of African influence in both the cuisine and culture.

Cruise Operator: Azamara Club Cruises
Vessel: Azamara Quest
Ports of Call: Bridgetown - Barbados, Belem - Brazil, Natal - Brazil, Recife - Brazil, Salvador De Bahia - Brazil, Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, Rio De Janeiro - Brazil.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Wed, Dec 5 2012. Arrives: Tue, Dec 18 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 13-nights.

Brazil Itinerary

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Bridgetown - Barbados - Wed, Dec 5 2012 18:00
Day 5 - Belem - Brazil - Sun, Dec 9 2012 06:00 - Sun, Dec 9 2012 16:00
Day 8 - Natal - Brazil - Wed, Dec 12 2012 08:00 - Wed, Dec 12 2012 18:00
Day 9 - Recife - Brazil - Thu, Dec 13 2012 08:00 - Thu, Dec 13 2012 19:00
Day 11 - Salvador De Bahia - Brazil - Sat, Dec 15 2012 07:00 - Sat, Dec 15 2012 15:00
Day 13 - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil - Mon, Dec 17 2012 13:00 - Mon, Dec 17 2012 00:00
Day 14 - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil - Tue, Dec 18 2012 00:00

About the Azamara Quest

Specifically designed to be smaller and more sleek than most cruise ships, Quest, like her sister ship, Journey, is filled bow-to-stern with wondrous luxuries and appointments that enhance your voyage of discovery-making it one that you won't soon forget. Quest boasts two specialty restaurants, concierge amenities, our Spa and Wellness Center, piano bar, Wine Bar, live entertainment, daily enrichment programs (such as evening lectures), and much more. Satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure on board Quest. Read more about the Azamara Quest here.

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Baltic Cruise: 10-nights in December 2012.

Experience the Baltic sea and fairytale gardens and castles, cosmopolitan cities and rich culture of the Baltic and northern Europe by Cruise. The first stop after leaving Southampton is Zeebrugge, Belgium. Zeebrugge is a beautiful village on the coast of Belgium and a subdivision of Bruges, for which it is the modern port. Zeebrugge serves as both the international port of Bruges-Zeebrugge and a seafront resort with hotels, cafés, a marina and a beach. The beatiful city of Amsterdam, with its fine gabled houses, leafy canal walks, unusual boutiques and offbeat pavement cafés, is the last word in laid-back relaxation. Capture its true spirit by exploring the narrow winding streets, bustling bars and eclectic shops of Joordan, its fascinating old district. Other must-sees include the house of determined World War II diarist Anne Frank and the multi-level Vincent van Gogh Museum. Cpenhagen, Denmark- this popular Danish cruise port has a fairytale magic all of its own. Discover it in the delightful Tivoli Gardens, where you can soar above the city in a hot air balloon suspended from a Ferris Wheel, and stroll down leafy byways as dusk falls and hundreds of lights twinkle through the trees. Oslo is a pectacular city surrounded by snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills, it was founded in 1050 and has been Norway’s capital since the end of the 11th century. The modern city, an eclectic mix of ancient castles, frescoed 18th century houses, vast parks and glittering lakes, is a delight. Spend a day in the splendour of Hamburg before returning to Southampton.

Cruise Operator: P & O Cruises
Vessel: Oriana
Ports of Call: Southampton, Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Southampton.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Tue, Dec 4 2012. Arrives: Fri, Dec 14 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 10-nights.

Baltic Itinerary

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Southampton - Tue, Dec 4 2012 16:30
Day 2 - Zeebrugge - Wed, Dec 5 2012 08:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 20:30
Day 3 - Amsterdam - Thu, Dec 6 2012 08:00 - Thu, Dec 6 2012 22:30
Day 5 - Copenhagen - Sat, Dec 8 2012 09:00 - Sat, Dec 8 2012 00:00
Day 6 - Copenhagen - Sun, Dec 9 2012 00:00 - Sun, Dec 9 2012 15:00
Day 7 - Oslo - Mon, Dec 10 2012 08:00 - Mon, Dec 10 2012 18:00
Day 9 - Hamburg - Wed, Dec 12 2012 08:00 - Wed, Dec 12 2012 22:30
Day 11 - Southampton - Fri, Dec 14 2012 06:00

About the Oriana

Authentic yet modern, Oriana is a great ship for all ages. Teak decks. A tiered stern. And art deco style interiors. Her design helps create an atmosphere that epitomises the romance of cruise travel. Whilst her entertainment ranges from shows to a spa, gym and cyb@study. Those who sail on Oriana, fall in love with her. Many of her venues becoming firm favourites. Read more about the Oriana here!

P&O Cruises UK Oriana australia cruise sale

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Antarctic Peninsula Cruise: 10-nights in December 2012

False Cape Renard, Antarctica
Antarctica Peninsula
by Liam Q - Flickr Creative Commons

Have the trip of a lifetime cruising the most intrepid part of the World- Antarctic Peninsula! Set sail from Ushuaia and let the Silver Explorer take you to dramatic locations with spectacular views. Cruise around for 10 nights not only enjoying the awe inspiring scenery but the entertainment and fun to be had aboard.

Cruise Operator: Silver Sea
Vessel: Silver Explorer
Ports of Call: Ushuaia, Navigation Drake Passage , Antarctic Peninsula, Navigation Drake Passage , Ushuaia.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Mon, Dec 3 2012. Arrives: Thu, Dec 13 2012

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 10-nights

Antarctic Peninsula Itinerary

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Ushuaia - Mon, Dec 3 2012 17:00
Day 2 - Navigation Drake Passage - Tue, Dec 4 2012 00:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 00:00
Day 4 - Antarctic Peninsula - Thu, Dec 6 2012 00:00 - Mon, Dec 10 2012 00:00
Day 9 - Navigation Drake Passage - Tue, Dec 11 2012 00:00 - Wed, Dec 12 2012 00:00
Day 11 - Ushuaia

About the Silver Explorer.

Silversea’s purpose-built Silver Explorer expedition ship (formerly the Prince Albert II) has been designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote destinations, including both of earth’s polar regions. A strengthened hull with a Lloyd’s Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger vessels enables Silver Explorer to safely push through ice floes with ease. A fleet of Zodiac boats allows Silversea Expedition guests to visit even the most off-the-beaten path locations and an expert Expedition Team provides insight and understanding to each unforgettable Silver Explorer cruise adventure. These elite and intimate ships are specifically designed for fewer guests, featuring more space and the highest levels of personalised service. Accommodations are amongst the largest at sea; all have ocean views and butler service and most feature private verandas. Read more about the Silver Explorer here!

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Bahamas Cruise: 4 nights in December 2012.

Take a fantastic holiday away in the Bahamas and return feeling relaxed and sun kissed. The first stop is CocoCay, Bahamas. Surrounded by the gentle, translucent waters of the Bahamas chain lies the secluded island of Coco Cay. With its white-sand beaches and spectacular surroundings, CocoCay is a wonderland of adventure. Reserved exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests, this tropical paradise has recently been updated with new aquatic facilities, nature trails and a ton of great places to just sit back, relax and enjoy a tropical drink.

Coco Cay Island
By Laurenmcnees - Flickr Creative Commons

Nassau, Bahamas is a city now known for its warming sun and balmy breezes, Nassau has a tumultuous past. First settled by the English, the area was contested by England, France and Spain. For many years, Nassau was a home base for notorious pirates, and it was burned to the ground by the Spanish three different times. Since 1740, however, visitors from all over the world in search of both relaxation and adventure have made Nassau their favorite destination.

Cruise Operator: Royal Caribbean International
Vessel: Monarch of the Seas
Ports of Call: Port Canaveral, Cococay, Nassau, Port Canaveral.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Mon, Dec 3 2012. Arrives: Fri, Dec 7 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 4-nights

Day / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Port Canaveral - Mon, Dec 3 2012 16:30
Day 2 - Cococay - Tue, Dec 4 2012 08:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 17:00
Day 3 - Nassau - Wed, Dec 5 2012 07:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 23:59
Day 5 - Port Canaveral - Fri, Dec 7 2012 07:00

Bahamas Itinerary

About the Monarch of the Seas

Monarch Of The Seas offers several outstanding dining options in addition to its two main dining rooms and the casual Windjammer Café buffet restaurant. The new venues include Jade, an Asian-fusion restaurant offering the tastes of Southeast Asia; the line's first sushi bar; a gourmet pizza station; and a sit-down, coffee and ice cream parlor featuring Seattle's Best Coffee specialty drinks and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Recent onboard renovations included expanding the spa and fitness facilities; refurbishing guest staterooms, public areas and lounges; as well as the addition of the Latin-themed Boleros bar, The Circuit nightclub, and three, teen-only hangouts. Read more about the Monarch of the Seas here!

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Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise: 9-nights in December 2012.

Halong Bay Rush Hour
Halong Bay
by HeGra28 - Flickr Creative Commons.

Explore the jewels of the orient in December. Leave from Singapore and arrive in the fascinating city of Ho Chi Minh. Formerly known as Saigon, the ‘Pearl of Vietnam’ is still popularly referred to by its old name, especially in the city centre. Be a part of this vibrant city as you watch all the motorbikes go by piled with families or shop in the markets. Enjoy the white sand beaches of Nha Trang and from Chan May travel somewhere like the charming Hoi An or Da Nang, the most progressive city in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is among Vietnam’s most celebrated attractions and a designated World Heritage Site. Its seascape offers fantastic sites of fragmented limestone outcroppings, sheer cliffs, huge rock arches, and tranquil coves. Many of the rock formations rise from the sea to heights between 300 and 900 fee. Arrive in Hong Kong, one of the most vibrant and happening cities in the world.

Cruise Operator: Silver Sea
Vessel: Silver Shadow
Ports of Call: Singapore, Day At Sea, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Chan May,(Hue/Danang), Ha Long Bay, Haiphong, Day At Sea, Hong Kong,
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sun, Dec 2 2012. Arrives: Tue, Dec 11 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 9-nights.

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Singapore - Sun, Dec 2 2012 18:00
Day 2 - Day At Sea - Mon, Dec 3 2012 00:00 - Mon, Dec 3 2012 00:00
Day 3 - Ho Chi Minh City - Tue, Dec 4 2012 10:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 00:00
Day 4 - Ho Chi Minh City - Wed, Dec 5 2012 00:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 14:00
Day 5 - Nha Trang - Thu, Dec 6 2012 08:00 - Thu, Dec 6 2012 13:00
Day 6 - Chan May,(Hue/Danang) - Fri, Dec 7 2012 08:00 - Fri, Dec 7 2012 18:00
Day 7 - Ha Long Bay - Sat, Dec 8 2012 14:00 - Sat, Dec 8 2012 23:00
Day 8 - Haiphong - Sun, Dec 9 2012 08:00 - Sun, Dec 9 2012 23:59
Day 9 - Day At Sea - Mon, Dec 10 2012 00:00 - Mon, Dec 10 2012 00:00
Day 10 - Hong Kong - Tue, Dec 11 2012 08:00

Singapore to Hong Kong  Itinerary

About the Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow is built with proportions slightly larger in size than their two earlier ships, yet they retain the same level of genuine hospitality. Third in the Silversea fleet, the Silver Shadow cruise ship introduced guests to the next generation of Silversea cruising while maintaining Silversea’s award winning, all-suite luxury and trademark intimate ambience. Read more about the Silver Shadow here!

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Suez Canal Cruise: 15-nights in December 2012.

Relax on the Suez Canal aboard the majestic Serenade of the Seas. Depart Malaga for Alexandria, Egypt. The charming seaside promenade, colonial buildings and wide avenues make it an exotic, romantic destination. At it's opening in 1869, the Suez Canal was the first salt-water passage between the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Without it, a cargo ship sailing from Italy to Singapore would have to go around the southern tip of Africa, doubling the travel time and distance. The canal is 103 miles long and about 8% of the world's sea trade goes through it. Bordered by long lines of golden sand, the voyage down is both majestic and peaceful.

Often called "The City of Peace," Sharm El Sheikh is a splendid beach community that gets right down to the basics-sun, sea and sand. The town's cluster of beachfront hotels are surrounded by colorful Bedouin tents, mountains, and sea. Temperatures are typically hot in the summer but it is quite warm and pleasant in winter, and year-round Sharm El Sheikh offers enough activities, sports, shopping and entertainment to guarantee no visitor will ever find himself bored. Once a tidy merchant port on the coast of the Red Sea, in recent years Safaga has developed into an attractive and popular resort town known for water sports, relaxation and rejuvenation. Sun lovers and sportsmen are attracted to its magnificent bay, islands and beautiful beaches. Believe everything you've heard about Dubai - it truly is that incredible. End the cruise here and explore for days!

Cruise Operator: Royal Caribbean International
Vessel: Serenade of the Seas
Ports of Call: Malaga, Alexandria, Alexandria, Suez Canal, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga, Dubai.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sun, Dec 2 2012. Arrives: Mon, Dec 17 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Suez Canal Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 15-nights

Day / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Malaga - Sun, Dec 2 2012 17:00
Day 5 - Alexandria - Thu, Dec 6 2012 08:00 - Thu, Dec 6 2012 00:00
Day 6 - Alexandria - Fri, Dec 7 2012 00:00 - Fri, Dec 7 2012 15:00
Day 7 - Suez Canal - Sat, Dec 8 2012 03:00 - Sat, Dec 8 2012 15:00
Day 8 - Sharm El Sheikh - Sun, Dec 9 2012 06:00 - Sun, Dec 9 2012 23:00
Day 9 - Safaga - Mon, Dec 10 2012 06:00 - Mon, Dec 10 2012 23:00
Day 16 - Dubai - Mon, Dec 17 2012 06:00

About the Serenade of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Serenade Of The Seas australia cruise sale

One of Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ships, Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas offers the ultimate "at sea" experience by combining speed, added comfort, greater space, sweeping ocean vistas and an exceptional staff committed to serving your every whim. Among the ship's spectacular features are the ten-story glass-constructed Centrum, glass elevators facing the sea and the highest percentage of outside cabins in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Read more about the Serenade of the Seas here!

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Mumbai to Bali Cruise: 18-nights in December 2012

Be an adventurer on this 18 night cruise to such exciting places. Enjoy the marvelous old Portuguese and Hindu city of Goa, studded with vibrant temples and majestic churches. Mangalore has 11th century temples, scintillating beaches dotted with coconut palm trees, museums and lighthouses while Cochin has one of the oldest synagogues in the world – a jewel of incomparable beauty with its brass columns, Belgian hanging lamps, and exquisite hand-painted, blue-and-white Chinese porcelain tiles. Stop by the Royal Male and then the ancient city of Colombo. A “must” to visit is Pettah, Colombo's leading bazaar district. The narrow cobbled streets are lined with shops and street stalls offering the most unimaginable range of goods. Lay on the pearl of Thailand's Pristine beaches in Phuket, and explore the thriving metropolis and a true melting pot of cultures in Singapore. Spend some time in the port city of Semarang before reaching Bali. This tropical island that has been described as "heaven on earth," for this tiny Hindu island is blessed with an ethereal beauty and infused with a sense of mysticism.

Cruise Operator: Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Vessel: Seven Seas Voyager
Ports of Call: Mumbai, Goa, New Mangalore, Cochin, Malé, Colombo, Phuket, Penang, Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Singapore, Singapore, Semarang, Bali (Padang Bay).
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Dec 1 2012. Arrives: Wed, Dec 19 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Mumbai to Bali Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 18-nights.

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

1 - Mumbai - Sat, Dec 1 2012 18:00
2 - Goa - Sun, Dec 2 2012 09:00 - Sun, Dec 2 2012 18:00
3 - New Mangalore - Mon, Dec 3 2012 08:00 - Mon, Dec 3 2012 18:00
4 - Cochin - Tue, Dec 4 2012 08:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 18:00
6 - Malé - Thu, Dec 6 2012 08:00 - Thu, Dec 6 2012 18:00
8 - Colombo - Sat, Dec 8 2012 08:00 - Sat, Dec 8 2012 17:00
11 - Phuket - Tue, Dec 11 2012 12:00 - Tue, Dec 11 2012 20:00
12 - Penang - Wed, Dec 12 2012 09:00 - Wed, Dec 12 2012 18:00
13 - Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) - Thu, Dec 13 2012 07:00 - Thu, Dec 13 2012 18:00
14 - Singapore - Fri, Dec 14 2012 08:00
15 - Singapore - Sat, Dec 15 2012 16:00
17 - Semarang - Mon, Dec 17 2012 09:00 - Mon, Dec 17 2012 19:00
19 - Bali (Padang Bay) - Wed, Dec 19 2012 07:00

About the Seven Seas Voyager

Coined one of the top cruise ships in the world and refurbished in December 2008, Seven Seas Voyager is the world's second all-suite, all-balcony ship and the second to feature a restaurant operated by Le Cordon Bleu of Paris, following sister ship Seven Seas Mariner. There are four main dining venues, surprising for a ship her size. You will enjoy impeccable service thanks to some of the highest space and service ratios at sea. And her suites are the largest "lead-in" suites in the industry. Experience six-star cruising aboard Seven Seas Voyager. Read more about the Seven Seas Voyager here!

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Voyager australia cruise sale

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Transatlantic Cruise: 15-nights in December 2012.

Begin an idyllic cruise of the transatlantic in Rome. After exploring Rome all day sit back on the cruise and let it take you to Florence. Founded by Julius Caesar himself, Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. History and art shake hands in this picturesque land where masterpieces like Michelangelo's David can be seen in the city's many museums, churches and galleries. Fall in love with this charming town. Genoa is The city is bordered on one side by the ocean, and on the other by mountains. In the lower city, you will be sure to find cobblestone streets, quiet nooks interlaced in alleyways and unique shopping opportunities. Provence (Toulon), France is just off the coastlines of the French Riviera where visitors can discover a bustling seaport. With sailboats filling nearby waters as they pass in and out of local docks, the city is home to a bevy of museums, historic sectors and nautical neighborhoods. There's nothing quite like Barcelona. Gaudi's architecture is spectacular just like the vibrant fruit markets and atmosphere. Love the Lush forests, spectacular beaches, deserts and mountains of Tenerife before boarding the ship for 8 nights on the seas to Fort Lauderdale.

Rita Crane Photography: Italy / Florence / The Duomo / Santa Maria dei Fiore / architecture / Renaissance / building / people

Cruise Operator: Celebrity Cruises
Vessel: Celebrity Silhouette
Ports of Call: Rome (Civitavecchia), Florence & Pisa (Livorno), Genoa, Provence (Toulon), Barcelona, Tenerife, Fort Lauderdale.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Dec 1 2012. Arrives: Sun, Dec 16 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 15-nights

Transatlantic Itinerary

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Rome (Civitavecchia) - Sat, Dec 1 2012 17:00
Day 2 - Florence & Pisa (Livorno) - Sun, Dec 2 2012 07:00 - Sun, Dec 2 2012 19:00
Day 3 - Genoa - Mon, Dec 3 2012 08:00 - Mon, Dec 3 2012 19:00
Day 4 - Provence (Toulon) - Tue, Dec 4 2012 08:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 18:00
Day 5 - Barcelona - Wed, Dec 5 2012 08:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 17:00
Day 8 - Tenerife - Sat, Dec 8 2012 11:00 - Sat, Dec 8 2012 18:00
Day 16 - Fort Lauderdale - Sun, Dec 16 2012 06:00

About the Celebrity Silhouette

When Celebrity Silhouette launches in 2011, there will be another spectacular option for cruising Europe and the Caribbean. She'll have all the best-loved Solstice Class features. Go on a culinary adventure in QsineSM. Get social at the icy Martini Bar & Crush. Stay connected in the Celebrity iLoungeSM Internet Centre. Play games on soft, fresh-cut grass at the Lawn Club. And enjoy sweeping veranda views in 85% of stateroom. Read more about the Celebrity Silhouette here!

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Western Caribbean Cruise: 7-nights in December 2012.

Explore the Caribbean by Cruise and return sunkissed and happy. Grand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands . Among attractions, visitors to the island will enjoy learning about the turtles, visiting the town of Hell, exploring Seven-Mile Beach and enjoying the undersea world. The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel while having a great time in its many local bars and restaurants. Plus, the waters around Cozumel's sheltered coral reefs make this one of the best snorkeling areas in the world. So take a plunge! Step off the ship and step back in time. Time where quaint wooden houses lined the streets, village carpenters hand craft custom furniture, and tavern keepers warmly greet town guests. Falmouth Jamaica is often compared with Colonial Williamsburg, but this particular historic town comes with an advantage - the beautiful Caribbean Sun.

Cruise Operator: Royal Caribbean International
Vessel: Navigator of the Seas
Ports of Call: New Orleans - Louisiana, Falmouth, George Town, Cozumel, New Orleans - Louisiana.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Dec 1 2012. Arrives: Sat, Dec 8 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 7-nights.

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - New Orleans - Louisiana - Sat, Dec 1 2012 16:30
Day 4 - Falmouth - Tue, Dec 4 2012 09:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 18:00
Day 5 - George Town - Wed, Dec 5 2012 07:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 16:00
Day 6 - Cozumel - Thu, Dec 6 2012 09:00 - Thu, Dec 6 2012 18:00
Day 8 - New Orleans - Louisiana - Sat, Dec 8 2012 07:00

Western Caribbean Itinerary

About the Navigator of The Seas.

Navigator of the Seas. A cruise ship or a work of art? Once onboard, Royal Caribbean thinks you'll agree this cruise ship is a revolutionary masterpiece if ever there was one. Not only does it sail effortlessly through the waters of the Caribbean, it contains some of the cruise industry's most amazing features - a rock-climbing wall, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink and an in-line skating track. Dare Royal Caribbean say there's more? What about a five-story theatre, a casino, a miniature golf course and a spectacular three-story dining room? This 138,000-ton nautical wonder has it all. Read more about the Navigator of the Seas here!

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Southern Caribbean Roundtrip Cruise: 7-nights in December 2012.

Get away for a week in the Caribbean and return feeling rested and relaxed. Princess Cays, Bahamas, a remote beach filled with exciting possibilities. Located on the tiny Bahamian island of Eleuthera, Princess Cays is a beach party like no other. Do some shopping, sample island fare and exotic cocktails, swim the crystal-clear waters or just soak up the warm Caribbean sun. Its wonderful climate and crystal-clear waters make Curaçao (pronounced CURE-ah-sow) a typical island in the Caribbean, but its fascinating architecture, floating market, pontoon bridge and secluded bays set it apart from the rest. The architecture and ambience are shaped by influences from all over the globe. Latin style, African heritage and European cultivation meet Dutch tradition with an alluring Caribbean twist. Dutch influence still lingers on Aruba as part of the Netherlands' Antilles until independence in 1986. This balmy Caribbean island is a study in contrasts. Its arid interior is dotted with cactus and windswept divi-divi trees while secluded coves and sandy beaches form its coast.

Cruise Operator: Princess Cruises
Vessel: Caribbean Princess
Ports of Call: Fort Lauderdale, Princess Cays, Curacao, Aruba, Fort Lauderdale.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Sat, Dec 1 2012. Arrives: Sat, Dec 8 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 7-nights.

Southern Caribbean Roundtrip Itinerary

Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Fort Lauderdale - Sat, Dec 1 2012 16:00
Day 2 - Princess Cays - Sun, Dec 2 2012 09:00 - Sun, Dec 2 2012 16:00
Day 4 - Curacao - Tue, Dec 4 2012 13:00 - Tue, Dec 4 2012 22:00
Day 5 - Aruba - Wed, Dec 5 2012 08:00 - Wed, Dec 5 2012 17:00
Day 8 - Fort Lauderdale - Sat, Dec 8 2012 07:00

About the Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess is the Grand Daddy of the Princess fleet, with the largest carrying capacity. This ship's 900 balcony staterooms and an entire deck of Mini-Suites offer impressive private vistas. Hallmark features include Movies Under the Stars®, the premier Lotus Spa and numerous formal and casual eating options, including the open-kitchen-style Cafe Caribe. Read more about the Caribbean Princess here!

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